Monthly Archives: January 2013

Kalava in flesh (oldie with Ramon in mind)

fingers clench (starfish bow to sun) and come to rest grid like upon the contours which beg a kiss from the scalpel – or the blunt border of your damning tongue – with sufficient valour i could peel away the façade on this day or any other to weave a fine garland of cherry to […]

Midnight Blues

I got them midnight blues, keeping me up just thinking about you. Midnight blues that just won’t go away. midnight blues making me choose between the thin fabric of reality…Nothing but an empty promise of words without cause and effect and if you accept to reject, without regret the midnight blues ramble…their mad cackle echoing […]


I don’t have IT – that tonic, balm, elixir   your gaping maw would drink in long gulps   violent starveling kisses – promising depletion

The barbarians behind the gate:

Race Doesn’t exist. My identity (And prejudice) Lives inside my head. A phantom that Births A tangible Terrible twin.

The Buddhist Monks

You loved me still Even after that first wave Buckled my knees And we became one With the water. You – the laughter Held in my arms Eyes wide, but brimming with life. Never turning away from mine. You’d swim with me again, and again. My childish arms and legs Fumbling up the pool stairs […]

Maybe Bukowski

“ Find what you love, and let it kill you” – Bukowski (perhaps) WHO was found? WHO reached in supplication? furled fingers clasping the silvered snare waving an invitation in the unseen between… and which must die? in love/for love/ for fragmented poetry, etched deeply on the decaying walls that house us? This much I know… You do […]

Walking the moon road

The low chime of the grandfather clock in the hall reminds me that I’m not asleep. And again an hour later. If I listen, I can hear the shush and pull of the ocean. The moon sea-rises here, casting a glamoured road across the water. On nights like these, when I can’t sleep, I creep […]