Monthly Archives: September 2013

Dread Disease

You asked to know on the first day of long hours spent negotiating freedoms About my disease – the cancer you conjure from your book of fears… and then I was not yet moving to the lullaby of night But yesterday the ‘hateyou.bitch.don’tyougetme?’ metastasized I said (At least, it’s what I meant…) ‘Yes – I […]

Father’s lost finger

He rose from the chloroform bath Perfect, Save for one digit. That was left behind in his mourning coat pocket. There was no grief for his own life, Only for the four he’d adored. Five minus one finger on his left hand, He slipped on the silken gown, Slid his fist into the pocket – […]

Voluntary drowning… a prose muse

How lightly I have thrown the label of masochist around… generally in lighthearted conversation with those whose keep their eyes on the ocean, wading in shallow, dancing over and past the things that bite and feed. Years of immersion and resistance, the long struggle with sentience that has never been a choice… Years of wrestling […]

English Lessons and a Bargain

Harim, my new chauffer extraordinaire, dropped me at home at around four. My head was pounding from all the bloody beer. It’s a good thing Rosie at the brewery knows my limit, because Christ knows, I don’t. I slammed the door with such force that Harim’s moustache, a thin, thick bush of a thing, quivered […]

The Commissioning of Equality

“Everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law,” – the SA Bill of Rights. The guns are quiet for now. The barking machinery stilled after the miners were muted. Their bodies strewn across an open field, bloody blooms flowering from the entry wounds in their […]

When things spin out of control

I started drinking at midday. I stepped out of Joyce’s Fast Foods into the blinding Cape Town sun, caught a taxi to the V&A Waterfront, and got out of the rusted Mitsubishi Lancer in front of the local brewery where the beer is cold and the waitresses sexy. I checked my watch. It felt like […]

What am I running away from or running towards?

Time yawns in vast meadows and plays with whispering grass near still lakes. In dark forests where a sea of insects labour, time sleeps without shifting. Here where cars scream across highways between cities, we have watches to remind us, every second of every day, that time moves too quickly.