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Ronnie, Bob & River – 2

The kitchen door lock popped. Bob was lying on the floor and there was blood oozing from a nasty cut on her left temple and ear. I was going to hang up the phone. She looked dead. Ronnie picked her up and checked her breathing. She’s okay, he nodded with tears streaming down his cheeks. […]

Ronnie, Bob & River – 1

Moss-covered river pebbles. That’s the first thing that came to mind when Ronnie spoke. Moss-covered river pebbles, cold with fear that caught in his throat before spilling over his lips. “They took her, D,” he said. “What? Who?” “Child Services. They took River.” River was Ronnie’s only daughter. She was about seven at the time. […]

Lucy and I

I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the taillights following us. Long neon shadows. I was speeding, but hell, Lucy and I had a party to go to and we needed another drink before the hangovers kicked in. Mine was already starting in the back of my throat, a weird place for a hangover […]

Do life:

Do is the answer. I tell you this. Do is everything, do is all. Do is the red, pulsing throb of life.Life is a verb.

Mrs. Jones’ New Eye

Mrs. Jones was alone in aisle thirteen. She held up a bottle of mayonnaise into the light. There was no price tag, but she could tell that the mayo was of the superior kind. It was pearly white, not as yellow (and definitely not as sweet) as the mayo they serve at the sandwich shop […]

The problem with problems.

The problem with life is death. That and the people that wade in, cup half full of new age fascism and aphoristic lies, to try and dissuade you that the problem with life isn’t death, but just how you view the end of life.


On the twenty-minute tube ride from the Muizenberg Communes to central Cape Town – the Kid chose to take the hook route past the old townships instead of the direct Southern Line and I didn’t object – we played a quick game of Location Conquest. “Let’s see if you’re as sharp as your tongue, old […]