Monthly Archives: March 2013

Redemption song

If I dance Lightly, unseeing across the city streets I will elude him – In his carefully pressed Outfit of desperation – Three steps into the road, a backward glance Gauging the success of escape Roots me – I see him clearly now, Hands gripping another empty bin – I know him He knows me […]

The world is what it is

“The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.” This is a quote that has often troubled me and cropped up in my mind at odd times, when either awake or sleeping, and I have what one might term an illicit affair with […]

South African Seasons

Winter launches covert operations undercover of darkness Summer responds with counterinsurgency strategies a blazing hot midday sun flushing out the cold in which ever nooks or crannies it might hide… by sunset a bloody red sky in the west evidence of fierce battle Trees droop in mourning summer wounded and bleeding tears of leaves floating […]


It is tough to talk to a stone a stone don’t listen… and those who worship stones are hard of hearing be they stones of platinum, gold or diamonds… either you crush a stone or you are crushed by it. [Image by by fudj]

When I was Jane

Are you sure Dead sure of what you yearn.crave.beg to see, good sir? splintered / sightless my form – (bound bones) murmured into view… coarse plunder? hands, petite / callous / penetrating tearing into the spirit(ual)ed cunt/heart (are they things apart?) frenzied and swaying – vulgar simian joker – pare away the peel that defends, […]

Hymn for the Hyrax

was it a voice that reached you? or a faint note, caught on a sharp corner in your heart? did you feel my feet reach for yours through the earth? your furled toes are pearls offered up by the waters moving toward/within me… I catch them with jaded eyes, to become mammalian alien anything-but-the-mass, sloe-eyed […]

i read your book and, great poems, but then i thought, so what?

he says and i think exactly right there is nothing much in this thing poets live for the flash of blue across a dark sky snow in spring the storming line useless, really for life now today but still we write and sometimes through the fog of utlility there is a girl in a dress […]