We are a group of writers who have one thing in common – our love of the struggle of sitting in front of a keyboard or piece of paper or notebook and trying to pull thoughts from the intangible and make them manifest. We eat. We sleep. We work. But we live to write. If you would like to join us please send a sample of your writing to periodiccomposition@yahoo.co.za



  1. I wish

    I wish I could work the way you play, the way you live, the way you love.
    Like nothing could be better, nothing more fulfilling.
    Lost in the moment, in awe of pure joy.
    Like I was six again.

    Instead I stumble around the mundane, consigned to reproducing that constant pitch.
    Struggling to concede defeat, struggling to rise and file out like the other drones.
    Constantly hovering at the fringe of nervous breakdown.
    Staring at the canvas, hoping, praying.

    I wish I could write the way I think, the way I dream.
    With maddening hunger, lapping up every drop.
    I’d write to the point of collapse, to the verge of ecstasy.
    The pages of my thoughts spiralling out like tentacles into the abyss.

    And I’d write about you,
    a lot more than I do.

    I wish I could play, like you.

    I guess I wish I could be more like you.


  2. …me
    my words are the remnants of
    the love of
    the hate of
    my words are the outline of
    broken pieces of
    last drops of
    the last breath of
    my words are the result of
    the instead of
    because of
    in f……. spite of
    my words are the death of
    the healing of
    faith of
    my words are the life of


  3. We all stumble around the mundane. Come join – come join us – come write with us. Just send me your email address and we’ll trigger an invite.

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