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Learning to let go

Obsess. Obsess about obsessing. Train your brain to think of something else in order to forget. Brief respite. What was obsession? Oh yes! Obsess. Obsess about obsessing. Advertisements

Mystical Creatures

They float, One with air particles Since the birth of the creative spirit They inspired, they’ve ignited dormant fires the darkest spaces of men While people kneel before time They exist outside the continuum of time But never bold because their immortality is in words…

[yet another work in progress. part 1]

“The wind is changing,” the Kid threw into the open window and all of us nodded and grunted in agreement, as if we had any idea as to what he really meant, “Fuck the wind. Fuck Gibson. Let’s get out of here.” He pushed away from the window sill, measured us with the usual look […]


Elusive thoughts come forth
Bring great confusion
Head screaming […]