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Xenophobia according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary is simply a deep dislike of foreigners

Xenophobia according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary is simply a deep dislike of foreigners. According to the media we have another wave of xenophobia sweeping our country along the same kind of lines as the ‘xenophobia’ of 2008. The ‘xenophobia’ of 2008 saw 63 lives lost of which 22 were South Africans. These ‘flash mobs’ […]

The Marikana Files: Episode 1

This documentary was produced by Sipho Singiswa and Gillian Schutte. It allows the workers and their community speak for themselves about what gave rise to the Massacre.


The tragedy is that habit kills us. In big and small ways. Yet on we step, still we walk, see us shuffle one shoe after the other. Retracing the patterns of our footprints as we go.


If I sit very still, can I watch you undress? If I stapled my feelings to my sleeves and let them hang off me like cut puppet strings, would you still watch me get dressed? but I- but you, are just a landscape of pale skin stretched over white bones. I could spend my days […]

The jugger-naught of our imaginations

[for mr ramirez] I thought I would write you here – it’s as good a place as any. I’ve been playing with the edges again and they appear sharp, but not sharp enough to kill you. You said the pain is only in one’s head. One synapse to another. It is not real, but imagined. […]

Ouma and the Kerk

I am not going to tell this story in the Queen’s English. I know that many English speaking South Africans get very annoyed with us when we don’t pronounce or write things as they ought to be written and pronounced in the Queen`s English. Having travelled a bit during my life, I have met many […]

Chaneng – the match is fixed!

Chaneng – the match is fixed! Chaneng is a village where the BaPhiring people live. To reach this village you travel along the Sun City Road until you enter Boschhoek at the three way stop you turn right. You cross the Boschoek station rail crossing with the Platinum smelting plant on your left and continue […]