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The trees swell.  And the clouds are fat like spoiled children.  The day boils and my arm hangs listlessly out the window of the car.  Oil stains shimmer.  And a dog in the shadow of the house waits, still, tongue wet and glistening. “Get out of the car, Junebug. I’m sorry.” “Go to hell,” I […]

I just want to write

Just want to vent all the smoke accumulated by the smoky kasi streets, The thick jozi breeze Just want to write for the ordinary man on the street Want to write for the man from the open lands herding sheep The woman catching a taxi to work because she wants her kid to eat Don’t […]

All I want for Xmas…

…is a puppy with a colostomy bag so I don’t have to pick up shit.

The Peddlers Of Smut, Fragment 4

The Old Man, our fearless leader in all things smut and, ironically, only 43 years-old, wore the face of a man who hit his midlife crisis at the age of 21 and has been stuck in it ever since. A functioning alcoholic, a mean connoisseur of the female form and a model general of the […]

The meaning of corn flakes:

Arturo: “Self-help books. Fucken magazines. Television. Let me tell you about the vapid media streaming at you with the same  quiet desperation as breakfast cereal.” Bandini: “Go ahead. It’s morning somewhere.” Arturo: “Did you get it all this morning? What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? It all! IT ALL? The years, and […]


They cultivate restraint on the island.  At the harbour where force-ripe boys gather to trade cigarettes and obscenities, trawlermen unload, a fish apiece slipped from the catch for the pot and with them, I come home. I climb the lane past stubborn cottages shouldered against the sea to her house, my house now.  The door […]


love and kisses petals roses weddings and cars, plates, forks microwaves ovens kitchen floors lounge suits tupperware toilet cleaner, soap dental floss cupboards, radiators, dresses fan belts, deodorant tax returns rugby… mostly we get buried under things but then on a tuesday evening before the soaps but after the last bell you look at me […]