Midnight Blues

4220467014_555f4c3862_zI got them midnight blues, keeping me up just thinking about you. Midnight blues that just won’t go away. midnight blues making me choose between the thin fabric of reality…Nothing but an empty promise of words without cause and effect and if you accept to reject, without regret the midnight blues ramble…their mad cackle echoing through the catacombs of a beating heart furiously pacing…racing…chasing the illusive dream of respite, rage RAGE against the mundane…the furious frantic clutter of the ups and downs, a rollercoaster with a faint echo, midnight blues…



  1. TiNboy… breathe. I am happy to see you setting it down / alight again, but there’s a frantic pace here that tells me where you’re at (it always works out it the end, for better or worse). I think I might have had an easier time reading this as a verti, with dots and jabs to show me where to go.

  2. mORTS….I wanted to convey the hectic pace of thoughts that keep me awake wondering, the constant questioning of a wandering mind without the beauty/composure of verti. Perhaps I don”t myself even know where i am going. Maybe that;s exactly what I’m trying to express…the total lack of direction.

    1. I hear you sugar… what I meant was that I got where you were going, and when I said Easier, I was referring to how difficult it is to read your speed, because it tells me where you are at. Jy weet? Hang in there old buddy.

  3. Mario DOffizi · · Reply

    The constant Rage of Life dements;
    does not destroy the strength this constant Rage of life

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