Monthly Archives: April 2013


Shaven head and acid.  A grim reminder of a pale afternoon. There is nothing here.  Nothing to sustain us.  We tried.  We ate the grass, the dirt, the sky.  We raked the flesh from each others arms and sucked at the wounds.  We stared at each other, bitter and aggressive.  Like dogs.  Like children.  We […]


Just where the light leaves the sky.  That thin, dying line of day.  There lives my remorse.  That shadowed thing that calls like a distant bell.  You were wrong.  You were wrong.  And my heart, propped up with chemicals and a tiny, fluttering hope, sags just a little.  Just enough.  To unstitch itself again.  So […]

Cigarette Smoke

Blue cigarette smoke amidst oak wooden odour. Someone lights a cigar then a pipe smoking patron walks in. Both disturb the equilibrium.

No Fear / No Doubt

If this beat makes you weak to your knees, NO FEAR NO DOUBT, hear the inner roar of daring to live beyond the confines of the mundane and step into the dream to be more than a number, scribbled like graffiti on the streets, witness to the constant drone of another day, neither fate or […]

Trench coat.

I was at Wits on Saturday evening. The sky was clouded over and there was something biting at me in the wind. My friends, Mark and Joaquim, and I brave the freshly chilled world for a smoke. I have  forgotten my jacket, a massive grey trench coat but it’s too late to go back inside. […]

Only the poor are idle

the rest will occupy themselves, until the end, with automobiles satellite transmissions fast downloads houses children   idleness is a fight with time with the smell of last night’s shitty living blending into the general stink of life the sun is long the nights are dangerous cold living   the idle feel the real sun […]

The rain that is male

N14, between Ventersdorp and Lichtenburg, Friday, 12 April 2013, around 17:30 in the Afternoon. San Poem: The Rain that is Male The Rain that is male is an angry rain. It brings with it lightning loud like or fear. It brings with it water storming, making smoke out of dust And we, we beat our navels with […]