My God

skywalker280My god is a moving spirit
He doesn’t stay in Africa but helps every spirit
Irrespective of color, class or nationality
He is a fair spirit
He would distribute my country’s wealth amongst my people
He wouldn’t charge me to forgive my sins
He just wouldn’t give me instinct and then punish me for it
And wouldn’t use sex as a weapon of oppression
My god is a considerate and loving spirit
He wouldn’t want me to fear him
But would want me to embrace me

He’s a verbal spirit
He wouldn’t keep quiet when people are dying
He would make people listen with heart and spirit
Speak out; give poets recognition to make a living
My God is a comforting spirit
He wipes tears from weeping eyes
He manifests in love
He would smite tyrants and prevent genocides
Bringing peace world wide
My God is that humble voice in us
An inner voice we never listen to



  1. Lebz… I returned to read this again today. Reminds me of a Dozi tune called ‘Mercy’. I think many of us wonder how we created a God in an image crafted of our apathy.

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