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you made me what I am, i thought who i was, is more important, than who i am, without you. Advertisements

The vulgarity of writing for money

aka: “I Was Paid $12.50 An Hour To Write This Story“                       Step inside the heart of the beast with this article about freelance writing by Noah Davis at The Awl. It dissects the ‘Holy Grail’ – trying to make money by writing online. (Ja, ja, […]


I’m not sure which is worse.  Your disdain or my disbelief.  Somewhere in-between there is a truth that coils like a serpent.  The smell of cigarettes and ammonia.  The bare linoleum floor.  Sterile blue light and just outside crows huddle in the rain.  You ask me, sneering, what I thought I was doing.  And I […]

Hintsa’s ghost: a murder poem in three parts

realisation let us start at the beginning let us correct what we all know   let us admit the myth   let us concede:   good people seldom change the world   it is the narrow it is the shallow it is the cold hearted who rape who steal who push countries across boundaries products […]


“Meet him,” Mike said, “I think you’d both get along.” But he stood me up.  “Give him another chance”, Mike said, “He’s…well…he’s different.” And so I did.  And we talked until the stars came out and the moon rose.  We talked about the colour of sea sand at night.  And of books.  And of the […]


unlocked mystery sprawl of limbs – exposed unabashed translucent you could in a moment/ if you need this, inhale me in pure spilled words bleed, disintegrate, growl, glide into the still pool without obstruction meld with  – a sinister, luminous potential me undaunted lover who meets your thrust with transparency and/or devotion eager to be […]


Our Father… I intone it into the stillest night as a mantra, encoded with my silent sacrosanct desires, nestled in the wombs of rounded vowels I am foetal/ prostrated/ inept in the mystery of illumined tongues, merely offering my infant mandala – an uncultivated splash of infantile art to merge me into that sacred Name […]