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Brief interviews with hideous women (1) and the art of the vulgarisation of David Foster Wallace’s legacy:

Three people crowded an intimate space barely big enough for one. One of us was dying, but it wasn’t me. Beyond this room that smelt like body fluids and floor cleaner – the kind they use in hospitals – was The Shadow, lurking by the door. It was The Shadow’s fault we were here. The […]

So. Rehab (Take 2)

So. Alcohol. I have a drinking problem. I’ll be the first to put my hand up at the front of the classroom while old Teddy Smythe’s rubbing one out under his desk at the back. The problem for me is that I don’t see anything wrong with having a few drinks. However, I do see […]

So. Rehab (Take 1)

I hate starting sentences with ‘so’, but I’m afraid there’s no other way to start this story. So. Rehab: And I’m not talking AA meetings of the Jesus-is-going-to-hold-your-pathetic-little-hand-while-you-try-and-keep-on-the-straight-and-narrow kind. What that they don’t tell you is that Jesus, the Omnipotent One, sometimes has a couple of shots of a tequila in Mexico City, a couple […]

Waterfalls in Beijing

I pull my skirt down and wipe my hands on John’s desk chair. Still panting, I sit back and kick off my knickers, a twisted eight around my ankles. I pick the box up from the floor and notice that most of the brown wrapping paper’s still covering the bottom half of it. Brown paper? […]

marking the passage of time

then || now now now now now now now   you || me.

The Death of Kos’shei the Immortal. 3.

Modern Applications of Demonic Powers – From the journals of Kos’shei the Immportal – “…I will, without an iota of remorse, say that Professor Hemlock is a fool. If it were up to me – if I, say, sat on the board of directors of the Oxford College for Applied Sorcery; I would strip him […]

The Death of Kos’shei the Immortal. 2.

Neo-Demonology -From the journals of Kos’shei the Immortal- “…the subject of demons is perhaps the most misunderstood, under-represented and misrepresented in modern scientific literature. In my years devoted to the study of my own nature, I have found few texts published in the last 40 years that engage with the topic in any kind of […]