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To your power and glory:

Barefoot I would run over stinging sand, Rocks with sharp edges – Blind to pain – Searching for escape, Hurtling headlong toward success’s heady rush.   Now I’m less nimble. I wait. Surrender. Succumb. Your sting has softened. Today you’re old bruise – A familiar discomfort, The mere memory of a wound. Glorious failure  – my […]

Boycott Woolworths

Abandon the Ayrshire fresh, fullcream milk. Gluten free brown rolls, basil pesto wraps. Prosciutto Crudo. Chorizo. Serrano. Parma, antipasto and Salame Milano. Don’t buy the blueberries. Strawberries. Or gooseberries. Say no to the figs and fresh Medjool dates. And that fresh sundried tomato soup should not pass your gate. Refuse the free range rotisserie…. Bloody hell! This boycott […]

Jonah Peretti’s viral wonder emporium

[for Andrew Miller] Beautiful photograph of an ebola orphan you’ve got there, Buzzfeed. Next to ’22 Things That Happen When Someone Breaks Up With You’. Above ‘Oklahoma Man Charged With Murder For Beheading Cock Worker’. Damn. Misread that. Link bait’s tricky that way. Who needs a ‘cock worker’ when you’ve got a beheading? Cutting off coconuts churns […]

The Dark Side of Dr Devil

The man with one sly eye is slightly broken, but not enough that he cannot lie. He takes my hand in that place where big money is manufactured – out of ‘relationships’ – And we lope into the portal of his perceptions. There we find truth. The real truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth.   […]


Nowhere is where his heart is at.
The un-dad with a baseball cap.
He’s got it ready, ready to play,
With the son he lost so far away.

Mystical Creatures

They float, One with air particles Since the birth of the creative spirit They inspired, they’ve ignited dormant fires the darkest spaces of men While people kneel before time They exist outside the continuum of time But never bold because their immortality is in words…


Elusive thoughts come forth
Bring great confusion
Head screaming […]