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DooKoom’s the answer

The question: “Why did the world open up its loving arms, and loving legs, to those fokken naaiers? Kultcha verraaiers?” Roger Ballen stuck his lens deep upside their arse. Clayton Cubitt worshiped at the altar of Ninja’s piel. Dave Nevarro fapped on about being en-raptured. Boing Boing. And then the globe goes Gaga. But will the world love […]

Waiting in Solwezi

It is the second day of October 2013. I am sitting in the passenger seat of the big World Wildlife Fund SUV. I am with the driver. Vincent, Mwiya and the Times of Zambia Ndola Office Journalist are inside the Shoprite store buying provisions for the long journey to Musele. The vehicle windows are down. […]

Brief interviews with hideous women (1) and the art of the vulgarisation of David Foster Wallace’s legacy:

Three people crowded an intimate space barely big enough for one. One of us was dying, but it wasn’t me. Beyond this room that smelt like body fluids and floor cleaner – the kind they use in hospitals – was The Shadow, lurking by the door. It was The Shadow’s fault we were here. The […]


The tragedy is that habit kills us. In big and small ways. Yet on we step, still we walk, see us shuffle one shoe after the other. Retracing the patterns of our footprints as we go.

Ouma and the Kerk

I am not going to tell this story in the Queen’s English. I know that many English speaking South Africans get very annoyed with us when we don’t pronounce or write things as they ought to be written and pronounced in the Queen`s English. Having travelled a bit during my life, I have met many […]

Chaneng – the match is fixed!

Chaneng – the match is fixed! Chaneng is a village where the BaPhiring people live. To reach this village you travel along the Sun City Road until you enter Boschhoek at the three way stop you turn right. You cross the Boschoek station rail crossing with the Platinum smelting plant on your left and continue […]

Walls, Fences and Private Prisons

In 1652 my ancestors landed at the Cape of Good Hope on good days, or the Cape of Storms on bad days.The first thing these intrepid travellers, representing the merchant capitalist Dutch East Indies Corporation on landing, did was to build a wall called the Fort, which later became the Castle. So they landed at […]