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Xenophobia according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary is simply a deep dislike of foreigners

Xenophobia according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary is simply a deep dislike of foreigners. According to the media we have another wave of xenophobia sweeping our country along the same kind of lines as the ‘xenophobia’ of 2008. The ‘xenophobia’ of 2008 saw 63 lives lost of which 22 were South Africans. These ‘flash mobs’ […]


It was about 4am, that time when the desperation at not being able to sleep slowly dissipates and becomes acceptance of the inevitability of another day of somnambulism at the office. There are degrees of insomnia but these can ever be fully appreciated until one has tracked up and down the spectrum a couple of […]

What exactly defines a presidency?

This question cropped up in discussion and debate during the last week when the news came through that the choir of praise singers are attempting to rehabilitate the dismal reputation of one George. W. Bush. The same guy that calmly lied to his people about the fictitious Weapons of Mass Destruction (atomic bombs) possessed by […]

Cigarette Smoke

Blue cigarette smoke amidst oak wooden odour. Someone lights a cigar then a pipe smoking patron walks in. Both disturb the equilibrium.

The world is what it is

“The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.” This is a quote that has often troubled me and cropped up in my mind at odd times, when either awake or sleeping, and I have what one might term an illicit affair with […]

Spiralling virally

As I stood staring into space the idea that I could have an impact on the way the world was moving and where it was heading towards slowly took shape in my mind. Nothing is ever set in granite and the choices and decisions that we make at each step of our mostly perilous way […]

Much aplomb in the Transkei or I was simply plumbing a line when “I found Bob”.

aplomb \uh-PLOM\, noun: Assurance of manner or of action; self-possession; confidence; coolness This word aplomb keeps cropping up in my life system whether it’s during conversation, reading, incoming daily email or just wishful thinking. It’s something I simply wish I had more of. I remember an ex asking me where I got such self confidence […]