DooKoom’s the answer

The question:

“Why did the world open up its loving arms, and loving legs, to those fokken naaiers? Kultcha verraaiers?”

Roger Ballen stuck his lens deep upside their arse.

Clayton Cubitt worshiped at the altar of Ninja’s piel.

Dave Nevarro fapped on about being en-raptured.

Boing Boing. And then the globe goes Gaga.

But will the world love DooKoom as much?

The answer:

The United States of Ferguson, Missouri (like Die Antwoord) love black culture.

But that’s where the romance ends.

Evil Boy’s waiting tables, while Waddy’s playing Vegas.

Read the review (for real): “Racial identities, language barriers, class consciousness and plenty more become a snarling blur via the barbed, blue tongue of a fellow named Ninja.”


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