Dear Mashable

You’ve got me. You’ve got me by the skin of my red wine stained teeth at eleven o’ clock at night. I can’t help it. Your content is so numbingly rewarding that I can’t do anything but click on another link.

I look at all the social media pages that get so little attention. The ones about helping those in need and global issues and anything but the enticing distraction of pop culture. You get what I’m saying here? You caught me in your tech-savvy grip. Your writers are good. They know what I want to hear, “Game of Thrones and Disney characters Mashed!” How fucking cool is that?! It’s so cool, I might even look at the artists’ name.

Sleek, silver and fluid, I’m the fish in your world wide net. And I’m trying desperately to break free. But there are so many other fish like me. So many. I hear them next to me, crying out their likes and applause, their dislikes and rants. They’re swimming in the same sea as me, but your nets are so big. And your bait… Man, that tasty bait. I don’t care where it comes from, just give me some more of that shit. Give it to me until I beg to be taken out of the thrashing waters of drowned intellect. But you won’t take me out. Not yet. You’ll keep me there. That’s where you want me. And, hey, that’s where I’m happy now, right?

When you do finally pull me out and slap me on your Google Analytics Deck, you won’t eat me. No. Because I’m not the one who is going to die. You’ll throw me right back in on the other side and I’ll think I truly have freedom again. Your boat will have sailed. You played a good game of catch and release. You did well. Go home to your family, stinking, and celebrate your triumph.

I’ll still be there. In Technology Ocean. I’ll be content for a while. I may even take a nibble from the Charity Hook. Hell, maybe I’ll even try the Entrepreneur Chum. Soon enough though, I’ll smell that tasty bait again. And it’ll be just like last time, but a little different. This bait will be safe. This one, I’ll be able to move on from.

So little fishies, I ask you: Will you swim into another mind trap?

Or will you swim into the service of others?


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