Nowhere is where his heart is at.
The un-dad with a baseball cap.
He’s got it ready, ready to play,
With the son he lost so far away.
His woman went with his unborn boy, to the place no one knows, the place without

Material things his life encompasses, he has naught but a head full of
He wears the clothes and walks the walk.
He laughs out loud and talks the talk.
He’ll be grey in a few years.
And his heart will not have learned.

The empty hole he created, when his love for another was replaced with
Why him? He was living a good life wasn’t he? Wasn’t he right where he
Needed to be?
… right where he Needed To Be….

A realisation upon him dawns.
His freedom from self built chains broken by a mind yawn.
A rush of love to his head,
His heart finally open on his
Death bed.


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