Thoughts on rape and reason:

Is rape becoming the new race card? A totem that enables the waiving of logic, truth, evidence and facts? Rape shouldn’t be used as an emotional ‘get out of jail free’ card, just as race, at times, is and has been used to manipulate the public discourse.Rape is a complex issue, not a simple binary reflex. Rape deserves our utmost respect – and this means bringing our full rational, critical, logical (& emotional) resources into the public discourse. Emotions not tempered by logic & rational thinking can be wild beasts that take us further from the truth, instead of closer to it.So many of us have suffered deeply because of the violence that is rape and child abuse.  So many of us have had our lives irrevocably shattered. So many of us have died. Rape is an apocalypse that haunts our very humanity. Surely finding the truths and paths out of this destruction requires harnessing all our capabilities including our most useful cognitive resources – which are thinking, skepticism, logic and reason.


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