Finding the right path for you is like learning to surf.

Finding the right path for you is like learning to surf. You’re going to fall off. And sometimes you’ll hit the water and get pulled down so deep it feels like you’ll never come up. But you do. And you gasp that huge breath of air because your lungs need it. And your mind needs it too. Your mind needs to feel safe. It needs you to come up from your fall. To breathe again.

And sometimes you won’t fall off for a very long time. Sometimes, you’ll be riding that wave for so long it seems like it will never end. You don’t want it to end. But it does. And you drop back down. Still floating, not under water, not riding. And you start paddling again. Because you want to feel like you just did. You want to feel sensational. You want to feel like nothing can stop you. But you’re tired. And maybe it’s okay to catch a smaller wave in, to rest for a while. You can always think back on that one glorious ride and how good you felt. And the memory will make you feel good. Make you feel better.

And suddenly you haven’t even seen the ocean in years. Sometimes, you’ll go back to that vast expanse of blue opportunity. And you’ll ride again, fearless and unencumbered. Flowing. And you’ll think why you didn’t do this ages ago. Sometimes, you’ll never leave. And you’ll be so happy. And everyone will marvel at how well you’re doing. And they’ll encourage you to never stop. So you don’t. But sometimes you do. Because sometimes you have to.


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