Father’s lost finger

He rose from the chloroform bath


Save for one digit.

That was left behind in his mourning coat pocket.

There was no grief for his own life,

Only for the four he’d adored.

Five minus one finger on his left hand,

He slipped on the silken gown,

Slid his fist into the pocket – then fingered the lone digit awkwardly.

Now that he was on the other side of pain, he became obsessed with getting back to those he loved,

But had left behind.

Could he return one more time?



  1. Shees, Mandy. A dream-like reality.

  2. Ja Ramon. Spot on… it was a dream I had about my father after he died. When I was still trying to process his death and make sense of what it meant – as if death has meaning. We always feel so compelled to attach meaning… Strange thing. I had this dream years and years ago… and for some reason my past dreaming is returning to me. I am remembering some of my more significant dreams. Interesting hey.

  3. Now that he was on the other side of pain. How well you understand these things…

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