The Death of Kos’shei the Immortal. 2.


-From the journals of Kos’shei the Immortal-

“…the subject of demons is perhaps the most misunderstood, under-represented and misrepresented in modern scientific literature. In my years devoted to the study of my own nature, I have found few texts published in the last 40 years that engage with the topic in any kind of intelligent form. Most of my research materials date back to the period directly after the Second World War, when the existence, or even the actual possibility of existence, of demons was brought to public attention of the world via the atom bomb and the rise of atomic sciences. In those years following the great chaos and horror of the War, multiple articles and studies were written, each proposing a new interpretation of demonology for the nuclear age. Few of those were ever published and, when the world realized a very real ‘other’ (Personal note: How pathetic are all these ‘sciences’ really?) world co-existed with theirs, most were banned, burned or deposited in vaults never to be read.

It is not my purpose to challenge Arch-Warlock Konchinski’s thesis ‘On Demons: The Atomic Physicality of Non-Beings’, nor is it to point out the obvious fallacies in Cardinal Du Champ’s ‘Demons: The Rise of a New Face of Evil’. Their texts are based on archaic understandings, are shallowly researched (Konchinski’s iconic work, for example, included only two interviews with actual demons – a lowly succubus that the esteemed warlock toyed with at the time and an alcoholic house demon that spewed whatever Konchinski willed him to) and deal mostly with the application of demonology to the human world. Any real engagement with the nature of demons is lacking and herein lays the thrust of my musings.

I feel, however, that it is important to start my arguments with Du Champ’s thesis that ‘when a concept becomes infused with enough human belief and evil, it acquires a sentience and gives birth to an entity – a demon – that then embodies and carries out that concept’ [Du Champ, 1946, Vatican Press]. It is hard to blame the poor Cardinal for such a narrow-minded approach to the subject – the man was working under the severe pressure from the Church, who have never been known for their desire to understand. In the below paper, I will propose that the concept of ‘demon’ is hardly linked to the concept of ‘evil’ – examining in detail both historic and modern manifestations and case studies [of particular interest here is the ancient and authorless text titled, in translation from old Gaelic, ‘Jesus: The First Good Evil’]. I will also address the notion of their ‘birth’ – working closely with incidents of artificial demon creation [Note: for a detailed study of this phenomenon, see my paper ‘Urzuk’h00l: The Cyber Entity of the Web’] – and touching on a subject that only a handful have considered – the ‘death’ of demons…”



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  1. Love it. Keep it coming.

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