Let me never be sheltered again.

Let me drown my naivety in my sin.

Let me breathe in the smoke of whim.

Let the flames lick my raw skeleton.

Let me adore the frightful freedom with no remorse and drink from his cup of life until it cuts my throat and I go hoarse.

Let me see the ugliness. Devour the beauty. I seek to see with bloodshot eyes the world I was blinded to in my youth.

Let me love you. Let me be in love with you. Stop banging on my door. Stop breathing in my mind. Stop biting at my skin.

Let me run down corridors in my bare feet and feel the click of my spine against cotton sheets.

Let me absorb air through osmosis so I never have to breathe.

Let me behave like tea drifting into hot water.

Let me love every syllable of your name.

Let me never be happy. Let me never be content. Let me never be perfect. Let me feel uncomfortable in my skin.

Let me ask for your permission to be free.


One comment

  1. The smoke of whim… pretty cool!

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