Xenophobia according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary is simply a deep dislike of foreigners

Xenophobia according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary is simply a deep dislike of foreigners.

According to the media we have another wave of xenophobia sweeping our country along the same kind of lines as the ‘xenophobia’ of 2008.

The ‘xenophobia’ of 2008 saw 63 lives lost of which 22 were South Africans.

These ‘flash mobs’ that gather and attack and loot a shop never seem to harm the shop owners unless they fight back. The focus and emphasis is simply on looting and plunder.

This focus and emphasis on immediate material gain is fuelled by a desperation driven by endemic unemployment and poverty compounded by a government that cannot or will not govern efficiently or deliver on promises made.

The downtrodden masses have no idle time to sit around building and maintaining an ideology of xenophobia that is simply a luxury for the chattering classes.

These looters and plunderers are opportunists simply seizing a gap to take what they cannot afford. It is a tendency that is rife in government circles and other role models for the desperate and downtrodden.

Looting and plundering are also sins of incumbency.

By labelling South Africans as xenophobic the media is categorising us all as intolerant and un-accepting of other cultures. The intelligentsia have plenty of time on their hands to overanalyse and find nuances of subtlety that the downtrodden don’t even consider.

In the heat of the moment a gap to seize some merchandise without having to pay is a sweet victory and life at the bottom of the pile is simply that, isolated opportunities for small victories against the system.


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