No Fear / No Doubt

If this beat makes you weak to your knees, NO FEAR NO DOUBT, hear the inner roar of daring to live beyond the confines of the mundane and step into the dream to be more than a number, scribbled like graffiti on the streets, witness to the constant drone of another day, neither fate or destiny, to get up, to scream from the urban jungle that this is not me , not who I am meant to be…a stranger lost in the jungle of thought that races along different tangents of the vast difference of probability and the ever illusive possibility that tomorrow is another day, cause and effect and consequence of choice stick and move, probe and ponder. Can you hear it, creeping in, a thief in the night causing these keys to stutter, pause and stop. When will they dissolve, like night being chased by the day…surely we are all just strangers, wandering in the dark often colliding as we search for meaning within another day, within those moments of waking and the moment I drift off to sleep lies purpose or temptation if I dare choose it and who know perhaps this is a dream, within a dream to wake up and not be me and then morality of actions depends on the boundaries of the me I want to be…and if I wake in a moment of connection, no matter how fragile the journey…is it not in my power/my choice to perhaps create more, given the possibility that anything is possible. With this bubble pierced, rising from the ashes, phoenix reborn then remoulded, transformed like the butterfly given one day of beauty would I not opt for the side of unadulterated living.


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