Writing on the walls


the words

are terse


on this wall –


in bloody haste /


as we, palm-crossed

soul mates

shriek and paint in ash

our book

of tallied sorrows

for the wide-eyed


who will follow




  1. David van Wyk · · Reply

    Thank you for this. Great picture the words spake volumes. I am planning a photo essay on graffiti in Johannesburg.Would you be prepared to do the write up?

    1. I would be happy to try, but you know that anything I write will be a mad meld of fact and impressions… it will be as much an investigation into what it makes me feel, as it is a report.

  2. I really liked the “palm-crossed soul mates” part. It reminded me of Romeo and Juliet and the “star-crossed lovers” thing Shakespeare had going on there.

    1. Spot on… sort of. I think our star crossed soul mates can be found in many ways. I found some that I would never meet in the flesh… souls who touched me so profoundly through their bruised words, that my longing and torment was a physical thing… and we loved and raged and tussled only through our keyboards… the touch of a hand through the ether. There is such deep intimacy in the self-evisceration and nakedness of written truth.

  3. Visceral Morts… which is, I guess, what I love about your writing. It is at once so raw… so real.

    1. Thank you Mands… you know your appreciation means much.

  4. tallied sorrows. Aye, my friend. Kept like polished pebbles. Worn smooth with counting.

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