Redemption song


If I dance
Lightly, unseeing across the city streets
I will elude him –
In his carefully pressed
Outfit of desperation
– Three steps into the road, a backward glance
Gauging the success of escape
Roots me –
I see him clearly now,
Hands gripping another empty bin –
I know him
He knows me
We are bonded in a history of leaden crosses; bowed backs
Stumbling in the same shadowed spaces – in a different time,
While the world is one dwelling

– Stop! Review…
“Come – rest here – I will feed you today”

7 minutes at the counter –
proselytizing open-handedness to the server,
I rush out with sustenance in mind,
Bearing vinegar to quench
His desire
and reach – clasp his hands with love (for this is my body)

He pays me with his remnant hopes –
“Sister, I only want to go home – I am very weary now –
I don’t belong here”
I can only bless him now / keep moving –
It’s all I ever had –

“You are not alone, my brother… we have
all lost our way”



  1. The techno-tard strikes again… I cannot figure out how to stretch the wee images. Ramon? Share, bru.

  2. HI Morts. I have no idea. After adding the pic to your post you can hover the cursor over it and it’ll give you an option to reduce, enlarge or reposition it. Sometimes 100% comes out like this. I’ve had the same thing happen to me — I guess it depends on file size?????

  3. I liked the dramatic last line.

    1. Thank you for the read electronictwin… always strangely humbling to have somebody new take something from my rambles.

  4. Morts. Your writing here has such gravitas. Such profound work. Please email me the photograph and I will try and sort it out. Thank you – as always – for being a part of our writers’ fold.

  5. Thank you Sister. Ah, but my world is a shopping cart of gravitas, open to further donations of unlabelled goods. Most often, so much so, that it seems frivolous to write the shopping list down, when much of it is a mystery 🙂 I tend to dwell on old supermarket jaunts (ad anuseum) and repost far too much.

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