When I was Jane


Are you sure
of what you
to see,
good sir?
splintered / sightless
my form – (bound
bones) murmured
into view…

coarse plunder?
petite / callous / penetrating

tearing into the spirit(ual)ed
cunt/heart (are they things apart?)
frenzied and swaying –
vulgar simian joker –

pare away the peel
that defends,
cell for cell –
only to find it cankered
and spliced
by your grace



  1. Jesus Morti. Precisely how I’m feeling today.

  2. Hi Delicious Dolly. That’s the only payoff for writing that means anything to me – to see and be seen; reach and be reached.

  3. Content Advisor/Editor-in-Chief: Carrie B · · Reply

    Absolutely velvety. Even reading it felt like words melting on my tongue.

  4. Thanks for the read and the enjoyment, Carrie.

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