South African Seasons


Winter launches covert operations

undercover of darkness

Summer responds with counterinsurgency strategies

a blazing hot midday sun

flushing out the cold

in which ever nooks or crannies

it might hide…

by sunset a bloody red sky in the west

evidence of fierce battle

Trees droop in mourning

summer wounded and bleeding

tears of leaves floating down

birds like refugees flock together, flee

before winter’s invading armies


[Image by by mikecogh]



  1. David, I appreciate your work for its beauty, and the images of a wounded and bleeding summer, but even more so because I have an understanding of the roots that this blossomed from. Beauty.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Morti. These are but first tentative steps.

  3. Welcome David. Thank you for sharing with us. This really resonated although it was painful to read.

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