Hymn for the Hyrax


was it a voice that reached you?
or a faint note, caught
on a sharp corner in
your heart?
did you feel my feet reach for yours
through the earth?
your furled toes are pearls
offered up by the waters
moving toward/within me…
I catch them with jaded eyes,
to become mammalian
in the sun
and then we are one…
slow-moving and fearless
in our solitude.



  1. I saw one of these for the first time in my life in the Chaiang Mai Zoo in Thailand a few months ago. The kids thought it was dead where it sat on a rock, unmoving for two hours (we didn’t stare at it for 2 hours, though – we saw it again on the way back in the exact same position).

    Beautiful piece, Morti.

  2. I spent a day at aHermanus , and sat down near the harbour to eat my lunch… suddenly she was there -… and she was so beautiful in her ragged, slow-moving intent. She became quite fearless after a while, when it became clear that we were not speeding dangers! I’ve always had a strange sense of ‘melding’ with the wild things.
    Then two weeks ago at Yzerfontein, also at the harbour – there were about a dozen of them. Watching them, you have to wonder if the world is somehow moving at a different speed in their reality.

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