I just want to write


Just want to vent all the smoke accumulated by the smoky kasi streets,

The thick jozi breeze

Just want to write for the ordinary man on the street

Want to write for the man from the open lands herding sheep

The woman catching a taxi to work because she wants her kid to eat

Don’t want to be judged by the intellectuals that don’t know hunger

The authors of best sellers, who are to me the boot that might crush us ants

I don’t want to compete with the famous voices that echo long marble corridors

I just want to write and voice my words that show colour for the blind

I want my words to vibrate the hearts of the deaf

Elevate the disabled and kiss the unloved

I cower in the weight of society’s formulas

Teary eyed, with tears that almost drop from my eyes

Yet remain in them to lubricate the dust that batters my face from you kicking a man when his down

Will not cry because these tears heavy with sorrow would smudge the words on this paper

That I write on ,words for you who need to see or hear them

I want to write and recite for you beating heart



  1. Welcome Lebz. So good to see you here my friend.

  2. When you have nothing to hide from yourself or others if you choose to share gives
    your addiction nowhere to hide. We can’t blame society
    for that, because this is necessary for society to function well (until we figure out a better system).

    -Do you find yourself always thinking bad every time you
    see or talk to someone of the opposite gender.

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