87 Rosemary Avenue

Moses heard Rita’s slippers scuffling slowly around the swimming pool as she herded the leaves from the surface of the water. He pulled the lower slats of the blind apart and saw her legs and backside as if she were naked in front of him. He felt his dick stiffen at the sight of her rump and the thick nest of pubic hair that gave roots to her sun stricken groin.

As he moved his fingers up and down over the head of his penis Moses felt a familiar tide rising in his throat. Sour loneliness formed on his tongue as he imagined how Rita’s plush, white, upper class thighs would respond to his black touch.

Rita bent over the swimming pool pump and swiveled the backwash lever off with both her arms.

Moses grunted a final time.

Rita Thompson sighed to herself as she walked back to the kitchen. Now that the kids were all at school she found herself increasingly pondering her alternate life, the life where she and Noel had broken up in varsity, the life where she carried on painting. The life where she had not so willingly given herself up to the suburbs.

In the kitchen she popped Moses’ and Mavis’ bread into the toaster, partially reflecting on the merit of the new system she had instituted, whereby Mavis only entered the house at 9:00am. She hadn’t counted on having to make a second breakfast every day. If only Noel wasn’t so busy. If only he stayed in bed some mornings with her. If only Noel wasn’t so bald! Ha.

Rita felt a sudden, slight stirring as the sudden thought of a cock bigger than Noel’s entered her mind. The cock was big, and black – attached to a faceless black man. Rita pushed herself against the knob of the cupboard door as she leaned forward for the butter.

She remained attached to the knob as she spread the butter and jam. Eventually, however, she removed herself from the warm touch, aware that Moses would soon arrive.

“Good Morning madam…” Moses tipped his head into the kitchen’s back doorway, without letting his body inside.

“Hi Moses. How are you this morning?”

“Fine Madam, thank you…” Moses lowered his head as Rita handed him the breakfast tray.

“That’s good…” Rita mumbled absently. “Moses, when you’ve finished please do that rosebush. We must prune now if we’re going to get ready for summer. I’m going to have a bath, and then I’m going out to the shops. After that I’ll come and tell you where to dig the new beds.”

“Yes Madam.”

“And if you need anything you must please just ask, ok? You never ask me for anything.”

Moses nodded, bowed slightly and turned away to join Mavis in the laundry room for breakfast.

Rita slipped slowly towards the bath. A big, black dick. Wouldn’t that be strange? She giggled out loud as she undid her robe and turned on the hot tap.



  1. “If you need anything you must please just ask, ok?”

    Brilliant Ands.

  2. ha ha yes well. words we’ve heard before

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